Scope for Change – get involved and change the country

Today we are opening applications for Scope’s new campaign training programme ‘Scope for Change’.

Between the ages of 18 and 25 and want to learn campaigning skills? Then find out more and apply for the new programme.

Young disabled people who we speak to say there are still too many barriers in society that prevent them from doing the day-to-day things that many people take for granted.

Much of this is down to the physical and attitudinal barriers people face along with the negative attitudes towards disability.

Thankfully we know that young disabled people from across the country are passionate about making a Britain a better place. We want to hear from these people who want to campaign for change, meet new friends and learn new skills.

Rebecca’s campaigning

Rebecca Bunce is a campaigner who’s learnt valuable campaigning skills with Scope and Campaign Bootcamp.

“Scope kindly gave me the opportunity to learn exciting and valuable campaigning skills – and now I’m campaigning with IC Change on the important of issue of stopping domestic violence against disabled women. Disabled people must be represented across all campaigns, as disabled people are represented across all of society.”

Scope is working with Campaign Bootcamp to provide this training opportunity of a 10 month course which includes on and offline training modules, including a four-day residential weekend where you’ll meet other campaigners and learn new skills. You’ll learn how to develop a winning campaign strategy as well as the best use of tactics including digital and social media, film and story-telling.

You don’t have to have run a campaign before. You just need to be committed, willing to give up some of your free time and possess a passion to bring about change in your community. 

Sulaiman’s campaigning

Sulaiman Khan is a passionate activist who has many years of experience campaigning on a wide range of issues from improving public transport to increasing the voice of disabled in Parliament. He argues that the key tools for any campaigner is tenacity and good people skills.

Sulaiman wearing a suit and tie in his wheelchair“The most important thing for me as a campaigner is to never give up. However many times you are told no, keep going. If the issue is important enough to you then you owe to yourself to keep going. I would also say to your young campaigners they need to build relationships. It’s vital in any successful campaign.”

If you would like to improve your campaigning skills to help bring about the changes you want to see in your community then please apply today.

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