A little girl sat on Santa's lap

Scope’s Santa of the year awards

For many disabled children and their families a trip to Santa’s grotto can be a difficult experience; the lights and sounds can be too much, many Santa Clauses can’t sign, and the grotto might not be wheelchair accessible.

Here are some heart-warming Santas who’ve gone the extra mile and made their Christmas festive and accessible. 

A tender moment between Santa and Landon

Six-year-old Landon explained to Santa at RiverTown Crossings Mall in Michigan that because of his autism he sometimes gets into trouble at school. Santa explained that Landon shouldn’t worry and that he has been a very good boy being who he is. Landon’s mum Naomi took this picture and shared their lovely story on Facebook.

a little boy is consoled by Santa

a little girl sitting on Santa's lapSanta’s magical gift for a girl with brittle bone disease

Upon finding out that 2-year-old Paige has type V osteogenesis imperfecta, Santa gave her a very special gift – a bell that had fallen of his reindeer Prancer – that she could ring whenever she was upset or scared about going to the doctor.


Signing Santa

For children who have trouble communicating, sometimes a signing Santa can make all the difference.

Sleeping Santa a little boy asleep on Santa's lap, who is also alseep

Two-year-old Ryland Wade, who suffers from epilepsy, fell asleep after having a seizure on his way to visit Santa at a mall in Ohio.

Fortunately Santa was also feeling sleepy and understood the situation.

Ryland’s parents took this adorable photo which was seen and shared by thousands online.

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