The best campaigns of 2015

As we approach the end of a busy campaigning year here at Scope, we’ve been reflecting on which campaigns have got us talking and why they were so successful. 

What is a campaign?

Campaigns take many forms such as  advertising campaigns, fundraising, political, awareness raising or those designed to make people think and act differently on a particular issue.

Crisis and Conflictsyria-london-final-hed-2014

This year has been a busy one for campaigners, not least because of the UK General Election. But we have also had war, terrorist attacks and a refugee crisis which was the focus of much campaigning.

Save the Children’s If London Were Syria campaign, depicting the horrors of war in Syria as though happening to child in London through very good use of film,  stood out in the minds of many of us.  Save The Children’s harrowing Most Shocking Second a Day video has had over 50 million views on Youtube alone.

In response to the horrors of the attacks in Paris in January and again in November we had the Twitter #Je suis Charlie and Facebook’s tricolor which allowed social media users to show their solidarity with those who had lost loved ones in France.

Body beautiful?

We live in an era where we are very conscious of our bodies and how we look.  The campaign This Girl Can encouraged girls to get into sport and physical activity. We loved the energy in this campaign and the positive message that regardless of your body type, everyone can be more active. The soundtrack accompanying this ad, Get Your Freak On by Missy Elliot really hit the spot.

 A very different campaign on body image created a lot of debate and controversy. The Beach Body Ready ad campaign attempted to portray the ‘perfect’ body and spawned many spoofs of the original billboard ads, such as that below.

lastminute_beach body campaign_800x419 RGB (2)

Celebrating disabled people’s lives

Here at Scope it has been a fantastic and busy year for campaigns.  We launched the second part of End the Awkward and our A-Z of Sex and Disability, building on the success of our original campaign from 2014.

The campaign challenges people’s attitudes towards disability through a series of blogs, infographics and short films aired on Channel 4.

We had a wonderful response to these campaigns and many people said their attitudes were challenged after watching the films and reading the blogs.  Disabled people who led on these campaigns said they felt empowered by telling their stories and showing disabled people’s lives in a different way.Whitehall

2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act.  This was my personal favourite as it reminded me why I got involved in campaigning.  The DDA was the first piece of legislation giving disabled people in the UK some protection from discrimination.

Through films, archive footage and blogs, we told the stories of those disabled campaigners who fought tirelessly to get disability issues onto the political agenda.  We  wanted to inspire the next generation of disabled activists to build on the success of campaigners of the 1990’s and bring real equality to disabled people.

Are you ready to change your world?

Scope is launching Scope for Change, a 10 month campaigns training programme for disabled activists aged 18-25.

If you want your campaigns to be the most talked about then apply to join our training programme and change your world.

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  1. Well great idea about campaigning specially Celebration of disabled people’s lives. awaring people about disabled person via series of blogs, infographics and short films such a fantastic way, and yes it will surely change mindset for disabled person.

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