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Santa Got It Wrong: what are your worst Christmas gifts?

It’s the thought that counts – but what were people thinking when they gave you these Christmas presents?

Here are some presents that didn’t quite make the cut in the Scope offices (names have been removed to protect the givers’ feelings).


A ceramic wind-up merry-go-round

“Every house should have one. It was German, very decorative but completely pointless. It probably went straight from one attic to another.”

An armchair football fan’s kit

“This package consisted of a yellow card, red card and plastic whistle for refereeing games from the comfort of my armchair. I’m not that weird…”


 A cardboard cut-out of Charlie Chaplin

“I’m not a Chaplin fan and I wasn’t sure what I could do with a cardboard figure of him so I marched him down to the charity shop.”

A spring onion jar

“A jar with a spring onion painted on it. It bears the helpful legend ‘Spring onions’. I wonder what it’s for?”A cat in wrapping paper


“I once got a 1000 bag box of PG Tips. It was when I was at University and my Mum said it would help me make friends. It didn’t.”

A tin of 48 Oxo cubes

“I have no words…”


 A step too far

“I got a Steps calendar when I was about 18 from my Gran, and she gave my sister an S Club 7 one.”

A GIF of S Club 7 dancing

“My dad is really bad at buying presents”

“My Dad once got my mum an apple peeler. It wasn’t even a particularly snazzy one. He also got her a Yorkshire Terrier dogs calendar. She likes dogs but doesn’t have any particular connection or love for Yorkshire Terriers, so 12 months of them was a bit much. My dad is really bad at buying presents.”

A scene from the film 'Elf'

Tell us your worst Christmas present in the comments below. 

Luckily Scope loves the presents you don’t. Donate your unwanted Christmas presents to a Scope charity shop near you 

One thought on “Santa Got It Wrong: what are your worst Christmas gifts?”

  1. The worst Christmas present I ever received (when I was nine) was a load of paper and cardboard with some special liquid and a plastic tray – when the paper and cardboard were arranged on the tray and the liquid was poured over the paper and cardboard, it was supposed to turn it into a snowy mountain diorama ,,, but nothing happened.

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