Man walking past Scope shop window

Make space for summer – clear out your clutter

With the May Bank Holiday around the corner, it’s a great time to have a clear out and make space for Summer.

Out with the old                

From the shoes you haven’t worn for years to the jumper you got for Christmas that didn’t fit, give your old stuff a new home for summer.

With summer only a month away, why not pop down to your nearest Scope shop and drop off all your unwanted stuff. Bring your We love clothes and accessories but also toys, homeware, DVDs and CDs.

Thought about Gift Aid?

For every £1 Scope makes we can claim an extra 25p from the Government. It only takes a couple minutes of your time but it’s worth it. Take a look at our Gift Aid terms and conditions.

A woman looking at items in a shop

We are grateful for all donations.  While we can usually sell most of them, here some of our shop team members tell us about items they couldn’t put on the shop floor

Sabrina: “The funniest thing I received was when a customer came in and donated a set of false teeth. I wasn’t sure what to say so I just said thank you”.

Danielle: “We were donated a used ‘toy for the bedroom’ and a gun. Funny enough we didn’t see who left the items but another customer thought the ‘bedroom toy’ was a back massager”.

Danni Jade: “A lady left a ‘how to poo at work’ book. I laughed for days – I didn’t think a book like this existed”.

Find your nearest Scope shop and clear out your clutter this summer. You’ll be making a huge difference to the lives of disabled people and their families.