Aminaand a group of Scope volunteers holding flowers and certificates

National Volunteers’ Week – “Don’t hesitate to get involved”

Amina has recently started volunteering for Scope as a Face 2 Face parent befriender in East London. As part of our celebrations for National Volunteers’ Week, she talks about the best bits of being a volunteer and why anyone thinking about volunteering with Scope should go for it.

What do you do in your role as a Face 2 Face befriender?

As a new Face 2 Face parent befriender, I have recently befriended a parent of a disabled child. I did training for around eight weeks, and then was matched with my befriendee soon afterwards. We’ve been meeting up to talk once a week for the last six weeks. If we can’t meet up for any reason, we’ll talk on the phone, or by text message. I make sure I keep in touch with her to find out how she’s doing and to make sure she’s got someone she can talk to.

Amina, a woman smiling for the cameraWhat inspired you to get involved with Scope as a volunteer?

I heard about the Face 2 Face befriending scheme that was happening in my area and I thought it sounded really interesting. I thought it would be nice to give my time and to share my own experiences as a parent of a disabled child. I wanted to help other people in the same situation as me. I hadn’t done anything like this before, and I wanted to try something completely new and to do something useful.

What have been the highlights of your time as a volunteer so far?

It has been a really rewarding experience. The first highlight has been meeting my befriendee, she’s lovely. It’s been nice meeting her and to feel like I’m doing something to help her. The other big highlight was meeting my fellow parent befrienders. We did our befriending training at the same time and are all still in touch. The training was fun, everyone there had similar experiences to me, and we just ended up getting on really well. We support each other, we share tips and advice, and it’s just a good way of supporting each other and getting to know other befrienders. It’s been great.

What would you say to anyone who’s considering volunteering with Scope?

Don’t hesitate to get involved. You really will get a lot out of it. It feels great knowing that you can use your own experiences to help others in the same situation. Throughout your role, you get a lot of support from Scope, and from other volunteers. I just want to say, don’t hesitate to do it!

Feeling inspired?

Are you interested in becoming a Scope volunteer like Amina? More information on volunteering with Scope, and ways in which you can get involved, can be found on our volunteering pages.

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