Sophie, a young woman in a wheelchair, smiles and laughs with a friend whilst drinking a coffee

End the Awkward is back for 2016 – tell us your awkward stories

End the Awkward is back and we want to change even more attitudes around disability.

Two thirds of the UK population feel awkward around disabled people, primarily due to lack of knowledge.

We also know that a significant chunk of that group feel so awkward that they’ve even deliberately avoided a disabled person for fear of saying the wrong thing or putting their foot in their mouth.

Paralympics host, TV presenter and Scope patron, Sophie Morgan, describes a time when this happened to her.

Disability is huge. It’s complex. It’s vast.Sophie, a young woman in a wheelchair, smiles during a photoshoot

There are so many situations that you’ll find yourself in. I always think I’ll find myself in awkward situations. I’m actually quite an awkward person myself!

There was this one time where I was sat in a bar, next to a guy, out of my chair on a sofa and he was chatting me up. Then I shouted to my friends to go and get my chair.

As they brought it along and I transferred into it, he stared at me, stared at the chair, stared at me again and then just stood up and walked off!

Got a really awkward story? We’d love to hear about it! Has anyone ever tried to avoid you or acted totally awkwardly around you? Tell us your story today.

2 thoughts on “End the Awkward is back for 2016 – tell us your awkward stories”

  1. Unfortunately those who are disabled from the outset or become disabled during their lifetimes do not constitute a sufficiently large lobby for politicians to take note even at general election times. So the disabled are put in a corner to be forgotten as embarrassments like King George V’s disabled son. Times haven’t changed much!

    1. Hi Freda,

      Thanks for getting in touch. You’re right, improving attitudes to disability is really important. There are 12.9 million disabled people in the UK who need to be listened to. Through our campaigns and policy work we’re making sure that the public and politicians understand the things that are important to disabled people.

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