End the Awkward is back!

End the Awkward launches tonight (Friday 16 September) at 8.50pm during Channel 4’s Last Leg: Live from Rio, with a brand new TV advert. We’re back to change even more attitudes, with awkward stories and tips from disabled people on how to End the Awkward. 

Scope says H.I.D.E

We already knew that a staggering two-thirds of non-disabled people feel awkward around disability. But our recent research shows that nearly four in ten of the British public have actually avoided talking to a disabled person for fear of saying the wrong thing or being patronising.

At Scope we believe you can’t end the awkward if you’re avoiding people to start with!
That’s why this year, Scope Says hide when you meet a disabled person!

Well, not hide. H.I.D.E.

Text says: "Say Hi, Introduce yourself, Don’t panic and End the Awkward"
Text says: “Say Hi, Introduce yourself, Don’t panic and End the Awkward”

H.I.D.E. (See what we did there?).

Do people hide?

We know that people don’t really hide behind water coolers or jump under tables. This is an exaggerated take on some people’s awkwardness around disability. The H.I.D.E acronym is a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that the solution is simple –  don’t act any differently.

You can’t End the Awkward if you’re not even having a conversation with someone. And think of all the great work colleagues, mates and possible dates you’re missing out on!

Our new polling also shows that awkwardness and avoidance can have a real impact. Nearly 40% of disabled people have hidden the fact that they’re disabled, often due to fear of negative reactions. That’s a lot of people spending time concealing who they are.

What to expect

A man hiding behind a watercooler
A scene from our new End the Awkward TV ad

This year’s campaign will run for the next six weeks with our TV advert hitting Channel 4, ITV, E4 and other networks and a brand new partnership with UniLad – one of the biggest Facebook pages in the world – to help change the attitudes of their huge following.

And as always, disabled people’s experience will be at the heart of the campaign as they share with us their favourite awkward anecdotes and top tips to avoid the awkwardness.

You can stay up to date with everything End the Awkward on Twitter and Facebook using #EndTheAwkward or visiting Scope’s End the Awkward webpage.