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In February, Chris set out from Southampton on a 5,000 mile run around the UK coast – all to raise money for Scope. We caught up with him (over the phone, not on foot) about the incredible challenge.

So Chris, why are you running around the UK?

“I like to stretch myself physically and mentally. But this is taking it to the next level! I’ve always wanted to do a trip around the UK on foot, and I’ve always supported Scope. So I just thought, let’s bring the two together.”

Why did you start supporting Scope?

“My nephew has cerebral palsy and my mum’s a carer, so we’re passionate about Scope.
We love their work to create equality for disabled people. It’s making a difference up and down the country, so I wanted to show my support by running up and down the country myself!”

How is your amazing journey going so far?

Amazing is the word! I’ve run over 1,400 miles and got through three pairs of trainers. I’m overwhelmed by all the support and encouragement from people along the way. That’s what keeps me going. I would really love it if you could support me too.

Inspired by Chris? You don’t have to run around the whole country, or even do a marathon, if you want to raise vital funds for Scope. There are loads of challenges for you to tackle


Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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