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How we’re putting your gifts to work

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Isn’t it shocking that so many disabled people struggle to find jobs? No matter how talented or committed they are, disabled people are still missing out on work and all the benefits that it brings. In this blog, you’ll hear from Chris and Toyin who were both supported by Scope to find a job that was right for them.

Chris – “Everyone should have a chance to pursue their dreams”

Young man speaking with a Scope employment advisor
Chris, speaking with his employment advisor

Being disabled doesn’t mean I can’t work. I really wanted to have a job in the media, but I couldn’t get my first break. My CV was just ignored. I was also worried that, if I did find work, I would lose my benefits – and I need them to get by.

I have you to thank for my breakthrough, because your gifts go towards Scope’s employment support services. They advised me about making my applications stand out, and supported me in preparing for interviews. And when I got an offer, they negotiated with my employer about how much I earned, so that I didn’t lose my benefits.

Thanks to you, I now work as an Office Assistant at a top advertising agency in London, looking after the accounts and designing posters. It feels great to be earning some money to support myself, and showing that I can offer just as much as anyone else.

Everyone should have a chance to pursue their dreams, and you’re helping me do exactly that.

Toyin – “Scope encouraged me to believe in myself”

My passion is helping people. But that didn’t seem to matter to employers. They just saw my autism and nothing else. It was really hard to find a job, until Scope gave me support with applying for a role at an autism charity.

Scope encouraged me to believe in myself, and that confidence shone through at the interview. Now I’m working at the autism charity part time, doing something that I love. Thank you for supporting Scope and believing in me.

We’re all missing out on the great qualities that disabled people have to offer. That’s why your gifts are so important. You’re supporting disabled people to become financially secure, and you’re making this country a place that works for everyone – and where everyone can work.

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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