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How can it be fair that life costs significantly more for disabled people? It isn’t. But it’s the reality and you’re helping to change it.

The cost of discrimination

Our latest research, made possible by your support, has discovered that disabled people are facing extra costs of £570 every month.

Isn’t that shocking? Prices are way too high. Benefits aren’t going far enough. And
disabled people simply cannot afford to have the same quality of life as everyone else.

Priced out and left behind

Extra costs can affect every aspect of disabled people’s lives. It’s much harder to access education and training – with an extra £570 to pay every month, the fees are simply

Paying into savings and pensions is impossible too, which causes overwhelming financial insecurity. Extra costs are preventing disabled people from participating fully in society which is a totally unfair price to pay.

“Where on earth am I supposed to find all this money?”12343_D-UnfoldApril2018-digital-blog-inset-500x400-v1-lynda

“Because of my rheumatoid arthritis, I need to keep warm. I have to use the heating every day, which means my energy bills are high. My powerchair cost £5,500, and my toilet was £4,000. It’s not a luxury. It’s the only way I can stay – independent.”



“Disability Living Allowance doesn’t cover my extra costs.” 12343_D-UnfoldApril2018-digital-blog-inset-500x400-v1-marie

“I have osteogenesis imperfecta, and I rely on a complex wheelchair to get around. A new one would set me back £9,000. Our kitchen was specially adapted for me to continue using it. My Disability Living Allowance is £80 a week – a drop in the ocean”.




How extra costs stack up…



Paying for specialised equipment: wheelchairs and mobility aids are essential for many disabled people. But the costs can stretch to thousands of pounds – just for getting out and about.




Using essentials more: if public transport is inaccessible, taxis are the only option. Spending more time at home, the heating needs to be on for longer. So disabled people’s bills mount up.




Charged more for everyday living: being disabled carries a hefty price tag. From hotel rooms to insurance premiums, there’s one price for disabled people – and a cheaper price for everyone else.



Thanks to you, hidden costs have nowhere to hide 

By continuing to show your support, you enable us to put pressure on politicians,
to reform the welfare system and make benefits go further. And you’re helping us
work with businesses and regulators, to end extra costs once and for all.

Together we will create a more equal society, where people areno longer forced to pay a financial penalty for being disabled.

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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