Magical moments

This is an article from Unfold magazine.

Jodi will always remember the moment when she found out that her identical twins Isobel and Abigail had Down’s syndrome – at odds of two million to one.

“The doctor said he was sorry. Those words have stuck with us ever since.”

But like you, we believe that we should always see the person – or in the case of Isobel and Abigail, the people – not just their impairment. So the doctor had no reason to say sorry.

“There’s a lot of negativity around the condition with the focus often being around what children with Down’s Syndrome can’t do.  Isobel and Abigail are full of life and happiness.  Their characters are very different and it is a joy watching them together.  At three-years-old they may have been slightly slower in achieving their milestones and their speech is limited, however, this in no way has held them back.  They are really good at singing and spend hours dancing along to Singalong videos.”

Photograph kindly provided by Their life is full of magical moments

Now three-years-old, the twins bring so much joy to each other – and to everyone around them. Their life is full of magical moments.

Photograph kindly provided by

“A trip out with the girls takes ages, not because of any difficulties in getting about but because they are constantly being stopped and chatted to by strangers who are enthralled by their happy nature.”

Isobel and Abigail are taking part in the Rare Project created by Same but Different CIC, an organisation that uses the arts to raise awareness of disability. Find out how you can get involved by visiting their website.

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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