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Politicians, let’s get to work

After the June General Election, you helped us ensure that disabled people were at the top of the political agenda.

You may remember that the future of the social care system was a key issue. But the voices of disabled people were noticeably absent from the debate – as Disability Blogger, Shona, explains:

“I think that disabled people are always forgotten when it comes to social care. Countless disabled people are being forced to go to bed as early as the afternoon due to the times that their care is being provided at.”

Over the next five years, you will help us hold the Government to account – making sure they invest in a social care system that works for everyone.

Opening doors into the workplace

“You’re not what we’re looking for. Someone else was a better fit. It’s a no from me.”

When a disabled person is looking for work, they get used to hearing these words and seeing the barriers put in their way – whether it’s negative attitudes from employers, or offices with no wheelchair access. Disabled people want to work, but they’re still twice as likely to be unemployed.

Girl in a science lab wearing a lab coat and safety goggles

We’ve teamed up with Virgin Media to launch Work With Me, a campaign to support one million disabled people to get into and stay in work. We will be calling on government and employers to act more quickly to remove the barriers that disabled people face when looking for work.

Together with our expertise, Virgin Media’s digital know-how, and your amazing support, we’re helping disabled people break down barriers and get into the workplace.  See more about our Work With Me campaign#workwithme

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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