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Support like yours has made a really big difference over the last few months. Read below about how you’ve helped set up a network of young disabled campaigners, opened a new service in Plymouth, and put disability issues at the forefront of the political agenda.

Creating lasting change, thank you


We all know that many young disabled people find it difficult to get involved in their communities. Too many barriers still stand in their way.

But young disabled people are passionate about making this country a better, fairer place. And thankfully, so are you.

With your support, we set up a training programme called Scope for Change. It’s helping young disabled people like Sarah
learn how to run successful campaigns.

“The programme is a wonderful opportunity to gain a variety of campaigning skills,” Sarah says. “I want to create successful campaigns which will bring about a more equal society for disabled people.”

New beginnings in Plymouth

Most things in life are more fun with friends. And thanks to you, disabled people in Plymouth now have a place to make new friends and do new things.

Your support has helped us open a new service right in the city centre. It gives disabled people an opportunity to come together and try all sorts of fun activities – from going to a football match, to taking computer classes.

These activities will also help disabled people become more confident and independent. New friendships, new skills, new opportunities – and you made it all possible.

You helped us speak up – and Parliament listened

Last year the Government announced it planned to cut part of Employment and Support Allowance – a benefit for disabled people looking for work – by £30 a week.

With your help, we presented research to MPs and Peers about the impact these changes would have on disabled people’s finances and wellbeing. As a result, twice the House of Lords voted against the Government’s plans, and MPs from all parties voiced our concerns.

Although the Government listened and made some changes to their plans, they have decided to push ahead. It’s disappointing as we know it will make life harder for disabled people when they’re struggling to find a job. So now it’s even more important that we ensure disabled people get extra support from the Government to find, stay and progress in work.

It’s only  with thanks to supporters like you that all this was made possible. To help us continue the good work please give a donation today. Thank you.

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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