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And all because…Scope loves your donations

The Great Donate returned in July, and it was a Great Success. Over 1 million items were brought in to our shops! If you donated something, we want to say a great big thank you.

After last year’s version of the Levi’s Launderette ad, we created another spoof film to get people talking (and donating). Adam Hills from Channel 4’s ‘The Last Leg’ was our very own ‘Milk Tray Man’ and Holly Valance was his love interest.

Watch our Great Donate Hero in action in the video below:

A message from our Interim Chief Executive, Mark Atkinson

You may have seen some of the recent coverage of how charities fundraise. I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we’re committed to the Fundraising Promise, which ensures that everything we do is legal, honest, open, and accountable.

This is because your support is incredibly important to us, as I hope you can see from this edition of Unfold. You make such a difference to the lives of disabled people and their families.

If you think there’s anything about our fundraising that we could be doing better or differently, please let us know on the form enclosed.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support. We really do appreciate it.

Read more about the Fundraising Promise

The price is wrong – but you’re making it right

Do you remember reading about disabled people having to pay more? After a report from our Extra Costs commission, several organisations agreed to take action and drive prices down.

The online shop Really Useful Stuff is going to improve its range of products for disabled people, and the Financial Conduct Authority pledged to make insurance more affordable.

This shows how you’re having a real impact, because we can only drive down the extra costs that disabled people face with your support.

Read more about the Extra Costs commission

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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