Dionne lives alone with her son Jayden and is his sole carer. Jayden has cerebral palsy and can’t walk, talk or sit up. Dionne and Jayden have been let down repeatedly by the care system. For the first three years of his life, Jayden received no on-going physiotherapy, special equipment or other local authority services, despite Dionne repeatedly asking for help.
Dionne first rang our helpline in 2010 to find out about physiotherapy regimes. Since then, she has been working with response worker, Vasu Sugar, to get information about respite services, equipment and support groups. In 2012, Vasu pushed social services to start an assessment on Jayden and Dionne to find out what support they were entitled to. In January 2013, she was offered three hours a week support for somebody to come to the home to help out with Jayden’s physiotherapy routine.


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