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Scope Face 2 Face Befrienders Scheme

In a new blog post from “Life With An Autistic Son”, a Dad shares the experience of receiving his son’s diagnosis.

Life with an Autistic Son

Scope-logoI can still vividly remember the feeling, three years ago, when I stepped out of the paediatrician’s room and back into a world that had changed forever. When I stepped inside, there was still the (remote) chance that our son was not autistic, that a diagnosis would not be made and that, given time, everything would work out the way we had planned it.

When the diagnosis came, and we stepped out into our new world, we were unprepared. Of course, I had thought at length about how things might be, how we would respond and how we would feel, as well as what it meant for my son. What I hadn’t counted on is how utterly isolated I would feel.

Perhaps if we had left with an information pack, a reading list or a leaflet I would have at least had something to (literally) cling onto. A starting point…

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