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Wanted: Campaigners to review our creative concepts!

The game changers

We’ve been developing ideas for our campaign next year, to help change public attitudes towards disabled people. There’s some interesting thinking, and not what you’d necessarily expect from Scope.

This builds on our research so far, including attitudes towards disabled people and the discourse around disability.

We would like to start getting some initial feedback from people interested in campaigning to help us develop them further. We need to do this in person (we can’t release ideas online on the Game Changers yet) as it’s early stages and needs to be explained in person.

We are running a group to get this feedback soon, probably during the week beginning the 9 December and would love to invite members of the Game Changers community to participate.

We can’t guarantee that there will be room for everybody, but if you would like to get involved in helping to shape the creative aspect of the campaign, simply email us at campaigns@scope.org.uk with your name, age, whereabouts in the country you are from and a couple of lines about your interest in campaigning and why you would like to be involved in the focus group.

We’re pretty tight on time, so please drop me a line before Friday 6 December to be considered.