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With your generous donations, we’re challenging the barriers and attitudes that hold disabled people back – so they can have equal opportunities and lead independent lives.

What makes someone disabled?

We don’t think it’s their impairment or condition. We believe that people are disabled by the barriers and attitudes around them.

This way of looking at disability is called the social model, because it’s about how society is organised. The social model can transform the way disabled people see themselves, and are viewed by everyone else.

Broadcaster Mik Scarlett explains: “The social model says that I’m not disabled because my legs don’t work. If I’m on a flat surface, I can wheel around fine. It’s only when I come up to some steps – then I’m disabled.”

You’re helping break down barriers

Last November marked the 20th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). It was the result of a long, tireless campaign by disabled people, activists and people like you – all united by a belief in a fairer world.

For the first time, the civil rights of disabled people were protected by law. It also became illegal to discriminate against disabled people as employees, customers and members of society. The DDA made history – and it made the country a better place for many disabled people.

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The journey towards equality isn’t over yet…

You’ve helped us make good progress, but there’s a long way to go. After all, barriers aren’t just physical.

Attitudes and prejudices can also stand in the way of equality – 4 in 10 disabled people have even been denied a job because of an employer’s attitude.

Laurence Clark says “Imagine the day when all the barriers went – we’d just be people with impairments. We wouldn’t be disabled people any more.”

You can help us get there

Successes like the Disability Discrimination Act were achieved together – it took a team effort from disabled people, campaigners and people like you.

And in the future, we will only reach our goal if we continue working together. By sending a gift today, you could play a crucial role in our campaigns to change laws and attitudes.

You could be part of an amazing achievement. With you by our side, we could go all the way towards making this country a place where disabled people have equal opportunities. Please donate today.

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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