It’s time to speak out for care…literally

When I worked for a Member of Parliament one of the first tasks every morning was to struggle through the bulging post bag. That was before I even considered opening up the email inbox to see the hundreds of new emails that had flooded in since the day before. As well as the letters and emails from constituents, we would hear from organisations, all trying to get the attention of the MP on different issues or causes.

To get their attention you’ve got to try something a bit different

We’ve tried some innovative actions as part of our Britain Cares campaign. Last year we sent MPs over 1,000 individual photos of constituents showing how much they cared about social care. We followed it up by asking people to speak out for care and delivered over 400 speech bubbles to Parliament.

Social care is so important to so many disabled people across the UK. It’s the vital support that helps them live their lives in the way they want to. It’s help with getting up and dressed in the morning, preparing and cooking a meal or getting out of the house.

With the final debate in Parliament on the future of social care only weeks away we knew it was more important than ever to grab MPs attention.

This time we went one step further – we asked people to literally speak out for care. We took their messages, in their own voices, to their MPs.

The messages

Here’s some examples of the great messages we sent to MPs:

It was simple too. We recorded short messages on to small audio modules that we stuck into big cards and sent them on to Parliament. The video below shows how we did it:

When MPs opened up the mail the morning after we dropped off our audio cards, they received something a bit different, something that stands out from other letters. They heard from one of their own constituents. They heard why social care is so important and the opportunity that Care Bill is to make sure that everyone who needs care gets it.

With the 2014 Budget due next week, the CSA is uniting to put pressure on the Chancellor to invest in social care. To take part, sign up for the CSA thunderclap, asking George Osborne to take action and invest in care.