Worthless? Or worth hiring?

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After becoming disabled, Simone started to see herself as worthless – and employers saw her as a ‘liability’. But now, thanks to your support, everything looks very different.

“It was the lowest point in my life”

Looking over Simone’s CV, you would be impressed. You would see good qualifications and glowing references. But you would also notice a gap between her previous job and her current one. That was after Simone had developed Repetitive Strain Injury.

The pain in her arms and hands was agonising, forcing her to change careers. But despite her impressive CV, her applications for new jobs kept getting rejected.

“It really knocked my self confidence and self worth”, Simone says. “I started to feel
that I wasn’t worthy of being employed. It was the lowest point of my life.”

“Employers will look at you as a liability”

Simone wasn’t getting the support that she needed to find the right job. “One agency told me, ‘employers will look at you as a liability’”.

Employers just didn’t see that Simone was highly skilled and motivated. All they saw was that she was disabled.

“When you’re a disabled person looking for a job, it’s like being stuck in a giant bowl. Every time you almost reach the top, you’re pushed back down. It’s really demoralising.”

“You helped me look at things differently”


After 15 months of searching for a job, Simone contacted Scope. Because of your gifts, one of our employment advisors was able to provide expert guidance – and vital encouragement.

Thanks to you, we helped Simone see that she had so many skills to offer. And we supported her in applying for jobs where she could put her skills to good use.

“After all those rejections, the biggest challenge to overcome was my lack of self worth. Scope rebuilt my confidence. I started to believe in myself again.”


“I saw that I had something going for me”

With your support, we helped Simone apply for a job as an Operations Assistant at the Diocese of Coventry. When she was invited for an interview, we worked with her to prepare.

Thanks to you, Simone went into the interview full of confidence and belief. She explained how her attributes made her the perfect fit for the job, and the employer agreed.

“When I was offered the job, I could hardly breathe. I was so excited. Finally, someone believed in me.”

“You made me see that I was worth it”

12343_D-UnfoldApril2018-digital-blog-672x372-v1-simone04Simone has so many reasons to be grateful to you. “Before I contacted Scope, I couldn’t see a future at all. Life was a real struggle, financially and emotionally.

“But now I’m doing a job that I love. I’m supporting my family. I’m smiling again.
And it’s all down to you. Thank you.”

Disabled people face so many barriers – negative attitudes, inaccessible workplaces, inflexible practices. You’re helping us break down these barriers, so disabled people can find a job and achieve their aspirations. Thank you!

Scope exists to make this country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we'll be here.

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